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Studying Spanish Abroad



Why Study Spanish?


The world is becoming one; therefore speaking a foreign language has never been more important. To better understand why the Spanish language is so important and a useful language to learn, let us look at some facts:


The Spanish language is spoken by more than 500 million people worldwide and is the official language in 21 countries, with over 350 million native speakers. In USA alone there are more than 30 million native Spanish speakers and the number is increasing. Spanish is an official language in many international organizations (i.e. the United Nations, GATT, etc.) and is widely used in the world of art and tourism.


By learning Spanish you will be able to better understand the Spanish/Latin American cultures which have made some of the greatest contributions to the world of art and literature. Just to mention a few of the famous artist there is Goya, Picasso, Diego Rivera and Salvador Dali and authors like Cervantes, Garcia Marques and Isabel Allende who have made great contributions to the world of literature. Furthermore, the improvement in the Spanish and the Latin American economies in the last decades and the opening to the south of the American trading association, NAFTA is making Spanish an even more important language in the world of business.


* (Source: Instituto Cervantes, Olympia Creación y Edición Multimedia, U.S. Census Bureau)


Why Study Spanish Abroad?


To study Spanish in Mexico is the most effective and easiest way to learn the Spanish language. The reason why studying abroad is so efficient lies in the combination between daily classroom teaching and learning by living and participating in the society / day-to-day life. In fact, language experts agree that you will learn the same by studying 2-4 weeks in a foreign country as studying a foreign language over 1 year in your own country.


The Learning Process


In the Spanish language course classroom, Spanish teachers will focus on improving your Spanish language vocabulary and your understanding of the Spanish language and from day one everything is done in Spanish. As students become more confident with Spanish, classroom Spanish teaching will include watching Spanish movies, discussing different Spanish topics and making Spanish presentations. This can seem intimidating at first but it is proven the best way to learn a new language.


The second reason why study Spanish in Mexico is so efficient is because you live in the country and therefore learn a lot by doing basic things such as shopping, going to the cinema or a restaurant. It is more motivating to study Spanish in Mexico and you learn while having a friendly conversation, participating in Spanish cultural or Spanish sports activities or by going out at night.


When you study Spanish with us you will, in addition, have a Mexican contact person who can introduce you to other Mexican people and the Mexican way of living. This is a good and enjoyable way to improve your Spanish language, to meet new Mexican people, to learn about the Mexican culture and visit Mexican places (local markets, museums, etc.).



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